Product Description:

The Aquamax 5 Bag Sand Filter offers high-performance filtration for sparkling water clarity. This superior sand filter is 700mm in diameter and is supplied with a multi-port valve, allowing your pool to perform various functions with ease.

Constructed from heavy-duty, corrosion-proof materials, the Aquamax 5 Bag Sand Filter ensures reliability and longevity. Optimally paired with a 1.1kW/1.5kW Aquamax, Aquaflo, Quality, Speck, Earthco or 1.1kW DAB pool pump and either 160kg of special filter sand or 120kg Eco Glass, this filter guarantees exceptional performance.

Available in grey, the Aquamax 5 Bag Sand Filter is the perfect addition to any pool maintenance system, delivering a powerful clean with simplicity and efficiency.

Product Details:

  • Product Type: Sand Filter
  • Brand: Aquamax
  • Model: 5 Bag Sand Filter
  • Size: 700mm diameter
  • Color: Black
  • Recommended Pool Pump: 1.1kW/1.5kW (Aquamax, Aquaflo, Quality, Speck, Earthco or 1.1kW DAB)
  • Recommended Filter Media: 200kg Special Filter Sand or 150kg Eco Glass
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