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Kreepy Krauly The Dominator® Pro

Keep your pool clean with the fresh new Kreepy Krauly The Dominator® Pro Combi Pool Cleaner.The Dominator® Pro is extremely effective, leaving no area unattended. FAST – AGILE – EFFECTIVE 2 year limited warranty . Category: Automatic Pool Cleaners Tag: Kreepy Krauly

    Choosing An Automatic Pool Cleaner

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      A pool cleaner has no definite life span. If it is looked after well it can last up to 15 years. All Cleaners is made of top quality material, however it works in an incredibly harsh environment! Keeping your pool chemistry correct is the best way to ensure your product lasts as long as possible.

      Pool Chemistry is a key element to ensuring your pool cleaner lasts as long as possible. Refer to your Pool Cleaner instruction manual or speak to one of our trained pool specialistssales@onlinepoolstore.co.za to understand what is best practice. It is advisable to disconnect the cleaner from the weir before cleaning or backwashing the pool filter. Remove the cleaner from the pool before chemical or shock treatments. Wait at least 4 hours after super chlorination before re-installing. Remember to keep your weir basket, pump basket clear of debris when operating for optimal performance.

      Change the order of hose lengths around. For example, move the first hose to the middle on your line of hoses and vise versa. Aim any return lines/aim flows downward to point at the pool floor. Confirm the correct amount of hoses are being used (refer to instruction manual) and if need be add an extra length or two. Please ensure you use genuine Zodiac/Kreepy Krauly /Ipp pool hose for optimal coverage. If the above steps do not assist, try adding your 1.2m hose lengths to a warm bath of water for a few minutes. This should help relax the memory they have developed.

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