The Swimquip Weir Deck Collar, presented in an attractive mustard shade, is a testament to meticulous engineering and superior craftsmanship. Manufactured from premium-quality plastic materials, this deck collar ensures durability and long-term performance. Exclusively designed to complement all swimming pool types, it seamlessly integrates with the large weir, ensuring a perfect fit and flawless functionality.

Key Features:

1. High-Quality Construction:

  • Made from top-notch plastic materials, this deck collar boasts longevity and resilience against the elements.

2. Universal Compatibility:

  • While designed to be a perfect fit for the large weir, its versatile construction ensures compatibility with a wide range of pool types.

3. Aesthetic Design:

  • With its mustard hue, the collar adds a touch of elegance to the poolside area, ensuring not just functionality but also aesthetic appeal.

4. Precise Dimensions:

  • With dimensions of 265 x 265 x 80 mm, it ensures a snug fit, enhancing the overall efficiency of the pool system.

5. Complementary Pairing:

  • This deck collar is designed to perfectly match and go with the large mustard weir deck lid, ensuring consistency in design and appearance.
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