White TYLPRO Pool Plaster (MARBELITE) as lining in concrete swimming pool. (40KG) http://www.tylpro.co.za/documents/datasheets/Proskim%20Pool%20Plaster.pdf

Tyl-Pro Proskim Pool Plaster is a white cement-based marble plaster designed as a finishing coat for swimming pools. Suited to be applied to pools of either brick or gunite construction. Benefits include a 6-hour setting time, marble skimming plaster, finishing coat for swimming pools, superior noticeability, and a very smooth final finish. Available in White. Please read the instructions on the packaging and website before using. Size: 40 kg Caution: This product is not recommended for use out of water as crazing will occur. The application of Tyl-Pro ProSkim Pool Plaster is the last operation when building a pool, all other installations, mosaics, copings, and surrounds must be installed prior to application of Tyl-Pro ProSkim Pool Plaster. Pool Skimmed areas must be protected from frost and rain until it hardens (Cover for at least 6 hours after application.) Do not use automatic cleaner in the pool for at least 3 – 4 weeks, use a pool brush for this period. Safety pre-cautions: Use as directed. Use a dust mask. Wear rubber gloves. Wear safety goggles. Do not ingest or inhale. Work in well ventilated areas. In the event of contamination rinse thoroughly with cold water. Seek medical assistance if irritation or discomfort persists. Storage conditions: Store internally in dry conditions on pallets.

MARBELITE is a swimming pool plaster tinted to a variety of colours such as white, light grey, blue, green and black. Various other colours can be blended to suit the customers requirements.

Marblite is transformed into a algae resistant finish that displays significant propensity to inhibit the growth of a wide variety of algae on the surface of the pool. This technology is a “first of its kind” in swimming pool surfacing.

It is a formula mixture of white cement, white marble and special additives. It is supplied in dry powder form for mixing on-site with clean water.


To provide a 6 – 7mm thick smooth plaster which becomes a very hard part of the pool structure. It is applied directly to the cast concrete or gunite  or hand-packed concrete shell or scratch coat plaster.

Recommended for the interior plastering of walls and floors of swimming pools. Not for use above the water level.

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