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Product Description:

Experience the pinnacle of water clarity with the AQUAMAX 3 BAG Pool Sand Filter. This elite filtration system, crafted for unmatched performance, is the hallmark of cutting-edge engineering and durability. Constructed with corrosion-resistant materials, it promises resilience against environmental challenges, making it an essential for enduring pool maintenance.

Key Features:

1. Peak Filtration:

  • Pioneers in providing unparalleled water clarity by adeptly filtering out pool impurities.

2. Enduring Construction:

  • Meticulously curated with premium corrosion-proof materials, geared to endure varying environmental stresses.

3. Intuitive Multi-Port Valve:

  • Tailored for ease, this valve offers a seamless operational experience with multiple functional settings.

4. Optimal Compatibility:

  • Delivers its best when paired with a 0.75kW AQUAMAX, DAB, QUALITY, SPECK, EARTHCO or the 0.55KW DAB pool pump.

5. Filter Media Flexibility:

  • Customizable to accommodate 120kg of specialized filter sand or the eco-centric 90KG ECO GLASS.

6. Design & Dimensions:

  • Color: Bold and sleek black, effortlessly integrating with pool aesthetics.
  • Diameter: A comprehensive 565mm to ensure maximum filtration efficacy.
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